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DVS specializes in cloud-based managed physical security services, including remote video audits and web portals for CCTV and Access Control

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  • Even though the incident occurred in the middle of the night, the DVS system was still able to produce crystal clear images that were fully court admissible.  The system we replaced was a basic do-it-yourself system from Costco.  The performance difference between the two is like night and day.  For instance, with the previous system vandals were able to easily disable the system by knocking the cameras down.  DVS used vandal-proof cameras mounted directly on our bricks, so it is very difficult for the vandals to keep the system from doing its job.

    Ravi Parkhie - District Manager, The Management Group Associates
  • We decided a while ago to use cloud computing as much as possible for our core IT requirements, and iCCTV lets us employ the same strategy for our general security needs.  I was impressed with how simple it was to set up our cameras for the iCCTV service, and I have been very pleased with how easy the web portal is to learn and use.  The support and training offered by DVS to get us up and running was great!

    Bill Moore - CFO, Natelli Communities
  • The StoreAudit service has been instrumental in allowing me to get a handle on our customer order fulfillment times.  In our business, speed of delivery is everything and can mean the difference between a profitable store and a store that is having problems.  We use mystery shoppers to gather data, but mystery shoppers are expensive and limited in how frequently they can canvas our stores.  StoreAudit is not only cost effective, it literally can be used in all of our stores at the same time.

    Christy Gilligan - Vice President, ACW Corp.
  • I worked with Digital Video Solutions during the site security implementation at Justice Park Apartments in Washington, DC.  DVS' expertise was vital to the success of creating a safe' living environment for the community.  Due to DVS' quality of work, I highly recommend them to perform security services for future projects.

    Kofi O. Meroe - Development Manager, Dantes Partners LLC