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Reviewing surveillance video takes time

You have a business to run, and reviewing surveillance video is not something you do every day.  It takes valuable time to access your recording device, determine which cameras to review, scan through footage to find the incident of interest, download video clips, and then package them together into something suitable for management or law enforcement action.


Outsource your video surveillance investigations

Instead of chewing up precious staff time reviewing video, consider outsourcing your investigations to DVS.  Our staff is available 24x7, has ample experience working with law enforcement, and is a cost-effective alternative to in-house investigations.  After receiving your request for an investigation, our staff will remotely access your surveillance system, pull and package appropriate video files, and produce a written report for you to present to law enforcement or use as internal documentation in support of administrative actions. 


Which video systems does DVS work with?

Our remote investigation service is available for any remotely accessible surveillance system.


What do the investigation reports look like?

DVS remote investigation reports are produced in a professional format with sufficient detail to support appropriate action by law enforcement and/or management.  Click here to request a sample report.


How much does it cost?

Investigations are priced starting at $150 per incident.  For bulk users, a reduced rate monthly subscription program is available.


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