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Remote Eyes® StoreAudit™

Customizable business operations performance monitoring service

For less than the cost of a “mystery shopper”, you can know with certainty - every day - that your locations are meeting your performance standards

Unlike mystery shopper solutions, the RemoteEyes Store- Audit performance monitoring service uses your business’ security camera system to report the details of employee, customer, and supplier activities that can damage both customer experience and your store's protability. Highly ecient, StoreAudit performance monitoring is able to measure key indicators every day for the same price you would pay for just one mystery shop site visit. StoreAudit can be ordered as needed or set up as a daily or

Product Features

Who Can Use this:

Performance Reports Emailed to Management – Every Day 

The metrics created by the StoreAudit service are emailed daily to man - agement in the form of charts and graphs. The layout is designed to paint a clear picture so that management can spot problem areas and take immediate corrective action. Fully customizable, clients choose what they want to see and how they want to see it. Daily tracking reveals positive and negative trends for a particular location or across all locations. For an even closer look, all supporting data is also available in spreadsheet format for further analysis.


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