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iDoor™ Managed Access Service

Full service remote management of access control systems

The iDoor™ Managed Access Service, offered by Digital Video Solutions, Inc. (DVS), lowers operating costs and improves responsiveness and availability of access control systems. By installing IP addressable access control panels and subscribing to the iDoor service, property owners can avoid the capital costs of maintaining an access control workstation and software on premises while free ing up on site staff to focus on core business issues. iDoor eliminates the risk of down-time due to hardware or software failures and improves your ability to quickly provide card key access to tenants, employees, and guests.


The iDoor™ Badge Request App facilitates making sure everyone in your organization has current badges by allowing employees, contractors, and vendors to request badges using a Web app on a self-service basis.  After reviewing pending badge requests with your organization's Badge Administrator, DVS will custom print your badges and ship them to your address on file.  iDoor Badge Request App helps everyone obtain proper credentials quickly and easily so access to your premises is tightly secured.  The Badge Request App is compatible with all electronic access control systems.


iDoor Features

iDoor is powered by Keyscan, a leading provider of access control panels and software:


How it Works

The iDoor service requires installation of Keyscan access control panels by DVS or a qualified installer. Once installed, the Keyscan panels will connect to the iDoor hosting center. iDoor staff will monitor your system for normal operations and also respond to your email requests for adding, deleting, or changing card access to your properties.


iDoor Network Topology

The iDoor service is implemented using standard internet technologies and connectivity. The following diagram outlines the basic elements of the iDoor service:


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