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iCCTV™ Hosted Video Surveillance Service

Manage CCTV equipment costs and reliability through managed services

The iCCTV Hosted Video Surveillance Service, offered by Digital Video Solutions, Inc. (DVS), lowers capital equipment costs and dramatically improves system reliability of professional grade CCTV solutions. By installing DVS network cameras and subscribing to the iCCTV service, business owners can enjoy the advanced features of a state-of-the-art surveillance system at a fraction of the cost of
purchased head-end equipment installed on site. Since the iCCTV service includes 24x7 managed up-time and redundant storage archives, business owners no longer need to worry about checking the operational status of their surveillance system or dealing with the headaches of lost video due to a system malfunction.

iCCTV Managed Service Features

iCCTV is powered by Remote Eyes ® video surveillance. Remote Eyes is a leading surveillance technology and offers the following features:

How it Works

Getting started with the iCCTV service is simple and can be completed on a “do-it-yourself” basis by a user with moderate computer and network skills:

DVS Network Cameras

DVS offers affordable, state-of-the-art, H.264 network cameras. Various housings and features are available, including:

iCCTV Network Topology

The iCCTV service is implemented using standard internet technologies and connectivity. The following diagram outlines the basic elements of the iCCTV service:

Alternatively, the iCCTV service can be deployed on a private and secure basis using the customer’s virtual private network (VPN) backbone. Please talk to your DVS representative about optional VPN deployments.




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