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Go Wireless

Reduce your upfront costs and long-term maintenance costs by switching to a security system that uses a Point to Point (PTP) or Point to Multi-Point (PTMP) wireless network. The cost of trenching, laying conduit, and maintaining wire across multiple buildings spread over a large campus can be significant. With wireless PTP or PTMP technology, we can bundle all of your cameras, doors, and intercoms into one network. 


No Trenches, No Wires, No Conduit

Your upfront costs are dramatically reduced with a wireless network.


Reduce Your Internet Service Cost

Instead of separate internet service points for each building, your entire security network can run off a single internet service point, depending on the bandwidth requirements of the edge devices and the capacity of each internet gateway. This substantially reduces your costs.


Fewer Service Calls

Wire and conduit can be damaged either accidentally or intentionally. The wireless network is less vulnerable to vandalism, crime, or errant landscapers.

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